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I've been into computers for over years now and during that time I've acquired wide range of IT related knowledge. I possess very good computer hardware knowledge which involves assembly, disassembly, upgrading, malfunction troubleshooting. I have acquired a MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) Server Administrator 2008 certification, which represents necessary skill set to set up a professional, complex, organized server and computer infrastructure. I have knowledge and experience with the administration of network devices as well as protocols, Cisco routers administration, LANs, WANs and mobile networks infrastructure technology. I use technologies such as HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL/Bootstrap, Apache, LAMP, WAMP stacks, cPanel, PhpMyAdmin, Google G-Suite, Office365, Photoshop, Premiere. I have understanding of C and Java programming languages.

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Skill set and techniques

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Work experience
August, 2019. - November, 2019.

Ahold Delhaize - Maxi/ AURA support

Periodic engagement to provide support for AURA verification within the Identity Access Managment Team.

June, 2014. - April, 2022.

Beolik doo/ Helpdesk and Network administrator

Support for e-Parlament IT system which is used in National Assembly of Republic of Serbia. Monitoring of system, debugging, error reporting, testing, training for NARS staff.

August, 2008. - May, 2014.

Paragraf Lex doo/ Helpdesk and System Administrator

Call center tech support for computer software which has 10.000+ active users;
Computer network planning, realization and maintenance, which consists of total 120 computers in main and two branch office;
Server administration: Windows Server 2003, 2008R2, 2012, CentOS;
Intranet web application development, PHP/MySQL;
Software development planning, testing and debugging;
Administration, setup, hardware and software service of desktop and laptop computers;
Administration of ParagrafLex computer software licenses;
On demand web site updating (secondary job);
Composing manuals for software installations;
Selection and procurement of computer and network equipment

May, 2005. - August, 2005.

Geneko/ Tehnician

Cash register GPRS terminal – testing, firmware flashing
Cable manufacturing(crimping, soldering)
cable testing GPRS terminal packing


College for Information and Communication Technologies/ Internet technologies

Computer and operating system architecture; Digital processing of signals; Internet; Mobile internet; Access networks; Computer networks; Digital compression; Multimedia and telecomunications; Routing protocols and devices; Databases; Electronic post services; Internet security; Web design and programming.


Polytechnic academy/ Mechanical technician for computer aided design

Machine elements; Mechanics; Technical drawing; AudoCAD; 3D Modeling; CNC programming.

Services what can I do for you?

Network infrastructure setup

Focusing on what your needs are, I'm able to plan and make computer and other related equipment network infrastructure. This job can consist of complete network setup from scratch or as a upgrade of computer network, wired or wireless, setup of necessary servers, computers, printers and internet setup. In short, everything that you might need in order to run your business successfully with any number of working stations.

Mrežna infrastruktura
Web app development

While using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL I can develop web app tailored to your specific need. That can either be a custom database that will increase efficiency of your organisation and bussiness or can be specific app that is specific to your business process.

Razvoj web aplikacija
PC service

I'm able to diagnose and resolve software and hardware problems. Reinstalation of operating system, driver instalation, computer setup, computer cleaning and optimisation. Upgrade or replacement of computer parts in order better performance of your computer. Backup, security and many other services.

Servis računara

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